Changing the World!

Our mission is to take the likelihood of success for nonprofits from possible to probable.

How will this change the world?

It's no secret that nonprofit organizations have a massive impact on their communities. Imagine that impact on a larger scale! The purpose is to give nonprofits access to resources that many large corporations have, ultimately allowing them to scale for global impact.

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Organizational Structure

We've all heard how important company culture is to an organizaiton. Well, it starts here. This is where leadership is developed, responsiblities are delegated, rules of operations are created.

Business Platform

Most refer to this as a business plan. However, plans are generally static and finalized. A true business plan needs to grow and adapt to the ever changing landscape of the industry in which a business operates.

Communication Strategies

Even the best intentions can miss their mark. However, customizing communication to target specific audience is crucial. The key to avoid major conflict is consistency in the message. Practice and coaching is critical.

Our Mission:

The objective is to shift public perception of organizations founded in the nonprofit or arts sectors, as well as the individuals who choose to dedicate their lives to these industries. KBD acts as a coach and a guide to success.

Motivation behind KBD

Dan Perlea, founder and CEO, has had a apassionate interest in the local arts since he danced his way through undregrad. As a photographer, business owner, and avid volunteer for local nonprofits, he has experienced the stigma and lack of support for both of these industries. While getting his MBA, he realized how incredibly important they are for societal growth and financial stability of the communities they benefit. His goal is to bring the kind of business support to these organizations that is readily available to large tech startups and big money backed corporations.

Who can benefit from KBD?

KBD is intended for any organization that is ready for growth. Whether you're targeting donors, or seeking investors, KBD can help. While Sacramento is home, our mission is global.

Some Fun Facts

~ Nonprofit does NOT mean not profitable; growth is critical and profit is essential for growth.

~ Overhead expenses are not evil, they are in fact necessary for smooth business operations.

~ Golden-mantled ground squirrels (it's not a chipmunk!) are incredibly friendly at the top of mountains.

Happy Clients

We guarantee results. Our policy and fee structure safeguards against all odds and is set up to protect your organization. By taking on all the risk, our clients can rest assured of the value we add.